We believe in sharing knowledge across the HRIS community. In the spirit of building a sustainable community we are happy to help HRIS analysts, consultants, and leaders with HRIS implementation and any additional questions. Any questions that can be resolved in a single call is considered free.


Our mission is to put our employees, enterprise, and entrepreneurs first to build a successful family and business within E1. As a community we will live and breathe HCM together, working towards solutions to assist all clients always.


We value community, honesty, collaboration, support, and relationships. We work to build trust and gain honest and open relationships to allow the collaboration process to move smoothly and efficiently towards solutions to support any problems our clients may have. As a company we are built around teamwork and a growth mindset, always helping one another, and reaching our goals together.


Our vision is to build a community from the ground up. We will help provide the foundation for our employees and clients to climb the ladder to success and solutions in the HRIS world.


Our goal is to provide best in class and affordable consulting services to small and medium enterprises to elevate the use of HR applications from an administrative tool to an employee engagement and motivation platform.